In celebration of World Lymphedema Day 2018, we present Girl Under Pressure: Chronically Motivated For Change. 

On Tuesday 6th of March, the world will stop to reflect on one of the most poorly understood and under-investigated health problems in the population- lymphedema (LE). The number of individuals affected by LE has steadily increased with time and current estimates indicate that 180-250 million people live with this condition around the world.

Girl Under Pressure is a series of photos that aims to break the negative psychological pressures of those with LE that are directly linked to the physical side-effects of the condition. The physical manifestations of lymphedema can severely affect peoples quality of life, their perceptions related to body image, appearance and sexuality. It can be deeply distressing for many people and lead to negative self-identity, social isolation and depression. 

This photo shoot aims to break all those pressures and replace them with a new sense of self: confident, motivated, free and powerful in the face of a chronic condition.

CREDITS: Photography: Mikael Vojinovic //  Hair: Carla Jean  //  Makeup: Stathis Caucheteux  //  Styling: Zora Akermi  //  Location: Mexicana Boots, Bordeaux, France.