Compression for Kids is our not-for-profit organisation that aims to:

  • Help children with lymphedema;
  • Provide material and/or intangible support to children with lymphedema;
  • Offer health equipment related to lymphatic diseases and lymphedema;
  • Promote solidarity in all its forms in the community of children and families suffering from lymphatic diseases and lymphedema;
  • Provide access and financial assistance to medical services for children suffering from Lymphedema that are classified as ‘high risk’

Early intervention is crucial to the management of Lymphedema. For children born with the condition, it is essential they have access to proper treatment and medical materials to manage their Lymphedema. This also includes proper access to education materials for families trying to understand the condition their child has.

Early intervention translates to more treatment options; less oedema, smaller limbs, improvement in joint aches, and reduced muscle pain and tightness; a decreased infection rate; an increased patient desire to continue treatment; decreased medical costs; and an overall improvement in the quality of life.

More often than not, families just don’t have the access to the resources they need and are left unsure of how to help their child properly. In non-western countries, children with LE have very poor access to the basic elements required to manage their LE (which is often caused by lymphatic filariasis) and are therefore left disfigured and at risk of developing serious infections. In todays world, this should not happen. 

That is why we must act now, to give the best start possible in these children’s lives with Lymphedema. If we can intervene early and give families the tools they need to properly manage their children’s Lymphedema, then we can change that child’s future for the better.


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