The internet has many valuable research articles on Lymphedema that are free to download, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look to find them! One such place that provides these articles is the International Lymphoedema Framework (IFL)

The IFL is an independent UK charity that provides a dedicated platform for the LE community. Their mission is to, “Improve the management of lymphedema and related disorders worldwide through the sharing of expertise and resources, and by supporting individual countries to develop a long term strategy for lymphedema” (IFL, 2017).

They have a range of great resources that are free to download, which are extremely helpful for learning more about Lymphedema. Education is at the heart of Lymphedema management, as the more people are educated about their condition, the more they will be be able to successfully manage it.

We’ve round up 5 of the best articles from their website for you to check out. Click on the slide show below to see our selection and get reading today!

1. Best Practice for the Management of Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is a progressive chronic condition that affects a significant number of people and can have deleterious effects on patients’ physical and psychosocial health. Even though it may be greatly ameliorated by appropriate management, many patients receive inadequate treatment, are unaware that treatment is available or do not know where to seek help. Several recent systematic reviews have highlighted the distinct lack of evidence for the optimal management of lymphoedema. By presenting a model for best practice in lymphoedema in adults, this document aims to raise the profile of the condition and improve the care that patients receive. Article Link here. 

2. Compression Therapy: A position document on compression bandaging

This position document on compression bandaging is the first of a series of in-depth documents on aspects of lymphoedema practice and contributes to the second edition of the best practice document. It seeks to draw together the current evidence base supporting compression as well as celebrating the wealth of international variation in the way in which compression bandaging is used in clinical practice. Most importantly, it includes how the challenges of bandaging are tackled in resource poor countries such as India, a feature that was not present in the first edition. The document has been supported by an international editorial board and peer review process including experts in the field of compression therapy to ensure that in addition to presenting the state of the art in compression, it also is clinically useful for practitioners.

3. Surgical Intervention: A position document on surgery for lymphoedema

This position document on the role of surgery in lymphoedema management forms part of the second edition of the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) best practice document. The ILF are very proud that this document is based on a systematic review of surgery in lymphoedema management undertaken by the American Lymphoedema Framework Project; the chapter by Dr Janice Cormier summaries their findings and recommendations. This approach follows that of the first edition of the best practice document that began with Cochrane systematic reviews of physical therapies.

4. Compression Hosiery in Upper Body Lymphoedema

This template follows on from the first document, Compression hosiery in lymphoedema (Lymphoedema Framework, 2006a) that recognises the central role that compression garments play in the treatment of lower limb lymphoedema. Together they provide a comprehensive, yet practical guide for practitioners who are managing patients with lymphoedema.

5. Care of Children with Lymphoedema

This focus document will provide practitioners with an overview of childhood lymphoedema: the causes, presentations, and approaches to management.



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