In a world full of fake expectations and media influence, it’s always refreshing to see people speaking up and reminding us of the importance of being authentic. This article (also see video below) popped up on my Facebook feed today and I felt compelled to share it, as it resonated highly with me.

It made me think of our Lymphedema community and how it’s been changing over this past year. More and more of us have taken to sharing our stories, blogging about our lives with lymphedema and showing the rest of the world that we are not ashamed of our lymphie limbs! It’s hard being so open and honest about something that is quite private and embarrassing at times.

The reality is this: sharing our stories creates power and confidence in people who live with Lymphedema. It inspires them to follow in our footsteps and nourishes the idea that it’s safe to be themselves.

Don’t be ashamed of your Lymphedema story. Share it with others if they are curious enough to ask, ‘What’s wrong with your arm/leg?!’ Use it as an opportunity to create power within yourself that you can later share with others in the same situation. Most importantly, never be ashamed of who you are, lymphie limbs and all.


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