It is with great pleasure that we announce our new partnership with ReboundUK– the leading Rebounding company in the United Kingdom. We’ve got some exciting projects in the works with ReboundUK (which we will announce tomorrow!) so stay tuned for more information!

We are particularly excited about this partnership with ReboundUK because both our organisations lead with the same vision- to improve people’s overall health (with a big focus on lymphatic health) and to help people live healthy, active lives. With our common goals at the heart of this partnership, we will work together to provide people living with Lymphedema better tools and strategies to manage their conditions.

To help celebrate the occasion, the generous people at ReboundUK have offered a special discount code just for us lymphies (yasss!!) which gives us 20% off any rebounder purchased on their website (using the code: CHRONICALLYMOTIV8)  AND a 14 day FREE trial of their membership platform. This includes access t0 100+ exciting instructional videos, specialist nutrition plans and recipes plus discounts on their equipment and partners specials! You can sign up for this free membership trial here on their website.

So what is Rebounding you might ask?

It’s only one of the best things a lymphie can get onto for boosting their lymph flowthat’s what! Rebounding is a complete cellular and detoxifying exercise for your body. As explained by ReboundUK“Research into rebounding has proven the many health benefits from this form of exercise, including; burning 100s of calories, greatly reducing body fat, very effectively stimulating lymphatic drainage, improving the immune system, improving and correcting posture, strengthening the core, tones and strengthens muscles (including the internal smooth muscles and organs) and tightens the skin improving skin tone.”

The downward push motion through the balls of the feet into the trampoline surface creates a constant change in gravitational pressure, that works every single cell in the body. As there is no ‘pump’ to drive the lymphatic fluid around our bodies, we need to help create this motion manually (hence the reason we need to do MLD!). When jumping on a rebounder, the ‘jump’ motion forces our lymphatic vessels to open and the gravitational force when we land closes the valves. This helps stimulate the lymphatic system and effectively move the lymph and entire blood supply back through the circulatory system (many times throughout the rebounding session), resulting in a free-flowing lymphatic system. High five anyone?!

Rebounding makes exercising fun and achievable, even for those of us living with Lymphedema who might be restricted in our movements due to the volume of our limbs. The rebounders come with stability bars, to help those who feel unstable so that you can start at a very easy beginner level and feel supported in your movements. It really is an all-levels workout (beginner to advanced) that is fun, effective and contributes to our overall well-being. Moving makes us feel good, releases endorphins and gives us an overall feeling of positivity- which is essential to creating a happy, healthy lifestyle!

The best thing about all this is that you can rebound from the comfort of your own home- no gym memberships, no having to bare all in public. Exercise and #movethatlymph where you feel comfortable and confident.

Read more about how rebounding helps stimulate the lymphatic system here.


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