Hi! My name is Sarah and I am 31 from Leeds, UK.

I have secondary Lymphoedema due to Hysterectomy Surgery to rid me of Cervical Cancer.

After my Cancer ordeal for two years I was fine then one day I noticed my left ankle was swollen. I went to A&E. After numerous tests and hours they had no idea what it was. They suggested I speak to my oncologist.
It was then he told me I could be developing Lymphoedema. I was referred to the Lymphoedema clinic. I’m not sure if anything could have triggered my Lymphoedema.

At first it was just my lower leg that swelled at the end of the day, going to bed reduced it and it was back to normal the next day. I was given compression stockings from my nurse which helped the swelling.

After a while, the swelling stopped going down over night and stayed the same size. Now I was using the compression to keep the swelling to a ‘minimum’. My leg was noticeably bigger than my right leg.

To manage the swelling I have my regular stockings, a ‘Ready Wrap’ and an Medi anklet that has ankle shape fillings in to shape my ankle. I have found that exercise helps my leg stay a ‘regular’ size. Keeping weight off definitely helped me. I don’t let my leg stop my from running. Since my diagnosis I have ran numerous 10k’s to help raise money for various charities.

There are days I feel down about my leg, days when it is sunny and other women have short dresses / shorts on. I hate people staring at my stocking! So i just wear long skirts. Having to put the compression on every single day gets me down.

Everyday just wishing I was ‘normal’ – whatever that is! But then I realise, I am more than normal, I am Bad Ass! I have beat Cancer, I live with a Chronic Illness and I haven’t let any of it bring me down!

My message to people with Lymphoedema would be: “Be proud of yourself!” I know I am!

Where you can find Sarah:

Instagram: @sarahdonasimm


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